Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rush Hour 3

According to Variety, rumors are circulating in Asia that China will ban the theatrical release of RUSH HOUR 3, the third comic pairing of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

China’s Film Bureau has stated the film is still under review and has denied any banning but sources close to the film and regional distributors believe otherwise.

The alleged reason for the film’s possible ban is the depiction of a Chinese organized crime family that Chan and Tucker go up against while in Paris. Apparently, Chinese authorities see the film, which has Triads closely embedded into the plot, as fundamentally anti-Chinese. This stance would ensure that cuts were not an option.

Authorities may get around the sensitive issue of banning a movie that stars Chan, who is one of the country’s top international celebrities, by simply locking the New Line pic out of their annual foreign film quota which is limited to 20 imported films per year.

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